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About Me


Mercedes Wilson

Certified Life Coach

Prenatal & Postnatal Personal Training Specialist

Mom of 2

Located in Montgomery, NY

Hi mom! Welcome to Living In Motherhood. I started this company because I believe there is more to you than just being a mom, and the lack of focus & care on you needs to change, including the focus you put on yourself...

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Hi! I'm Mercedes!

I am a mom of two, certified life coach and pre/postnatal personal trainer. I found a passion of helping moms build emotional and physical strength ad confidence. 

When I started my journey of discovering my purpose, I found an abundance of opportunities for myself that I didn’t think I could conquer.

I felt stuck in a comfort zone of constantly feeling stressed and unhappy as a stay at home mom. I couldn’t really connect with my children in a way that I wanted because I was consumed with doing it all and doing it perfectly.

I had to decide if this was the life I wanted to lead or if there was a way to

change that.



It was a very hard decision, but the hardest part was actually stepping out of the comfort zone.

But I knew the feelings in that were not working for my family or myself, so trying couldn’t hurt.

I put myself as a priority and took a long time to find a path that worked for me. And the results were shocking!

I actually became more in love with my family than I was before, I felt better connected as a mom and giving the attention and care they needed. I also had an increase in self confidence and self love in myself that radiated to my children who now enjoy doing the same things I enjoy and vice versa.


I found key factors that would help me not just “get through” motherhood but that made the motherhood I always envisioned and I wanted to do the same for other moms.


So here I am, a certified life coach and pre/postnatal personal trainer, providing my knowledge and training to you guys to discover your strength and confidence in motherhood.

So take that step out of our comfort zone and click below to start your journey!

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